Political thought and political history

TitlePolitical thought and political history
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKedourie, Elie, Gammer M., Kostiner Joseph, and Shemesh Moshe
Number of Pages186
KeywordsAlphabet, History, Language, Linguistic, Orthography, Politics, Writing system

This volume encompasses an array of material exploring the millennium phenomenon and the violent excitement it provokes. Consisting of three core parts, the book combines pertinent documents with insightful commentary and discussion.
Part one presents a discussion on the parallels between the years 1000 and 2000 through an examination of millennial excitement. Part two contains key texts, including the Megiddo report from the US, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Report on Doomsday Religious Cults and an English translation of the Israeli report on millennial violence. Part three forms the heart of the text, featuring articles from US, European and Israeli scholars which focus on the lessons to be learned from the various reports. It also details interaction between scholars and the security services in regard to the threat of millennial violence/terrorism and the global and regional perspectives that surround it.