A Short History of Qazi Family in Mukryan Wilayet

TitleA Short History of Qazi Family in Mukryan Wilayet
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsQazi, Khalil Fetahi
TranslatorsGhazi, Hassan
Number of Pages320
PublisherAras Publication, Hewlér
Publication LanguageMid Kurdish (Soraní)
KeywordsHistory, Mukríyan

The book is originally written in Persian by his late Khalil Fetah Qazi. His son Abdulghader Fetahi Ghazi arranged his late father's hand writing with notes and published that in Tabriz- Iran in 1998.
The Kurdish version, which is translated and annotated by Hassan Ghazi, includes 2 appendixes of other writings of Khalil Fetahi Qazi and others, 40 images and 15 rare family documents. This book has been Translated and annotated by Hassan Ghazi.