Reflections on the Mosul problem

TitleReflections on the Mosul problem
Publication TypeJournal Article
Title of JournalJournal of The Royal Central Asian Society
Year of Publication1926
PublisherThe Royal Central Asian Society
Keywords1920s, Mosul, Southern Kurd

It now becomes possible to summarize our conclusions on the Brussels Line:

1. It does not fulfil the object of British policy completely in that it surrenders to Turkey the control of Assyrian destinies. It does, however, provide for the establishment and security of an 'Iraq state sufficient to assure our own security.
2. The frontier does not, and cannot, satisfy the linguistic, racial, and religious requirements of a good frontier owing to the chaotic intermixture of these elements in its vicinity.
3. It is not strategically the best frontier for 'Iraq, but it is sufficiently defensible to guarantee the security of the 'Iraq state. It is economically sound.
4. It satisfies the political desires of the minorities concerned, except those of the Kurd and Assyrian.

Publication LanguageEnglish
JournalJournal of The Royal Central Asian Society