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2,700-year-old royal loyalty oath discovered in Turkey

By Owen Jarus, 15 October 2010

Archaeologists excavating a 2,700 year old temple at the ancient city of Tayinat, in southeastern Turkey, have discovered evidence that its inhabitants prominently displayed a tablet which bore a pledge of loyalty to the heir of an Assyrian king.

Pilot excavation in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Netherlands organisation for Scientific Research NWO has granted a subsidy to prof. dr Wilfred H. van Soldt (Humanities, LIAS) and dr Diederik J.W. Meijer (Archaeology, Near East) to conduct a pilot excavation in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Archaeological expedition team in Nakhjavan discovers Iran's Median Dynastic architectural remains

LONDON, (CAIS) -- The joint archaeological expedition team from United States and the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the autonomous republic of  Nakhjavan (nowadays Nakhchivan), has yielded to new findings date back to the first Iranian dynastic Empire, the Medes (728-550 BCE).

The ceramic samples were also found during the archeological digs in the ancient settlement today known as Oglangala in the Sharur region of the Nakhjavan.

Anahita Temple avoids destruction

Mehr News Agency, Tehran, 01/30/2010

The construction project that caused damages to the Anahita Temple in Kangavar in Kermanshah Province was halted last week. The decision to halt the project was made following publication of a report on the mess at the Parthian era site by the Persian service of the Mehr News Agency.

Kurdistan Mission (VIII)

Kurdistan Mission, is a documentary series on the activities of the "Lutheran Orient Mission Society" in Sablax (Mahabad) and its environs in Iranian Kurdistan between 1911-1936.

In this documentary the local history and events are described based on letters and reports of American missionaries published in their newsletters “ Kurdistan Missionary” and the “Lutheran Orient Mission”.

Watery graves

Gaziantep, Turkey, The Economist, April 29th 2009

When Turkey's Birecik dam begins filling up at the end of the month, thousands of archaeological treasures are likely to be lost. Does anyone care?

Kurdistan Mission (VII)

An interview with Ms.Augsta Gudhart by Amir Hassanpour in 12 June 1977

Part seven of documentary series on " Kurdistan Mission" has just been posted by 'Scola' on their website.In this interview we hear the original voice of her late Augusta Gudhart.Dr.Amir Hassanpour kindly wrote the following note about the interview.

Kurdistan Mission (IV)

Part five of documentary series ‘Kurdistan Mission’ videos now is available on Scola’s homepage. In this part the works of Dr. Emanuel Edman (originated from Sweden) and Miss Meta von der Schulenberg a teacher from Germany and their services to the people of Sablax and its environs are presented based on the LOMS newsletter Kurdistan Missionary.

Kurdistan Mission (III)

 Part 3 of documentary series " Kurdistan Mission" now could be downloaded or played on SCOLA's homepage.

The life and biography of L.O.FOSSUM

Kurdistan Mission (II)

Kurdistan Mission (Part two) Is a documentary based on the availble issues of “Kurdistan Missionary” a publication of Inter-Synodical Ev.Lutheran Orient Mission Society;October 1910 to the end of 1928. This publication contains a treasure of hidden history of Mukri Kurdistan.In second part of these series Hassan Ghazi describes the views of Dr. Newton Write concerning the motive of Missionary work in Kurdistan It is now available at

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