Early Modern History

1497 AD - 1918 AD

A history of Kurdish navigation

By Prof. M. R. Izady

General history

One of the least-known-and most fascinating-chapters in Kurdish history is the long-lasting participation and occasional dominance of the sea trade and colonization of coastal areas and many islands of the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea basins by the Kurds.

Early Modern History

1497 - 1918

This period in the history of the Kurds is one of steady decline in every aspect of their national life, with the possible exception of literature.  An important proportion of the nation also found itself deported to far-away regions in the course of the 250 years from ca. 1500 to 1750.

Prince Sharaf al-Dîn Bitlîsî

Prince Sharaf al-Dîn Bitlîsî

By Prof M.R. Izady

Historian & KurdologistAlthough primarily a collection of dynastic histories, there is little doubt that the Sharafnâma is the single most important surviving text on Kurdish history and people.

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